Boutique Fairs Singapore 2017: A Glimpse to The Gifting Edition of the Shopping Event

Your November shopping fix for top quality & unique designer items to make you stand out from the crowd


April 27 2018

Boutique Fairs Singapore is a shopping event founded in 2002 that's held twice a year that brings together a curated mix of independent vendors boasting an impressive range of top-quality designer items. All of the vendors are handpicked carefully by Charlotte Cain, founder and director of the event who only has the best intentions to provide a platform 'where designers could showcase their collections, directly interface with their customers, and in turn gain valuable feedback about their work'.

Without further ado, here are some of the highlights that we think you should check out during your visit to the Boutique Fairs from 10 to 12 November!

Center Pottery

Photo (Center Pottery): Items available at Center Pottery Singapore when you visit during the Boutique Fairs

This pottery company functions as a social enterprise and was founded by Joan Huang. "It was a light bulb moment," says Joan as she relays the reason why she decided to create Center Pottery in the first place. A doctor who worked with mental health patients in the past, Joan realised the therapeutic effects pottery had on her patients as they worked daily on their own individual clay art works but, was a medium not often utilised by art therapists as it was something that was very labour intensive. Bring home and have a try on the calming effects of potter by considering their curated Clay Moments Kit, and their limited beautiful wares created specially just for this event!

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The Novel Encounter

Photo (The Novel Encounter Facebook): Mysterious books available for purchase at Boutique Fairs 2017

A sentence is all it takes to persuade passerbys and onlookers alike to come forth and pick up the wonderful collection of novels that The Novel Encounter has to offer! Their book collection consists of critically acclaimed authors from different backgrounds with avid readers from all around the world. The point of The Novel Encounter is to get 'people to fall in love with literature again', and trust us when we say that bookworms will definitely fall head over heels for the mysterious books that they have available at their booth. Take the chance and bring a book home, and no worries if you end up picking a book that you've read before - The Novel Encounter allows you to give the book back and collect a new one.

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Liz B

Photo (Styleguide): Liz B store display at Boutique Fairs 2017

Birthed from the designer Li Ying's simple love and interest for jewellery, Liz B offers exquiste yet raw pieces that are handcrafted and hand assembled by locals or artisans from Asia. Liz B also launched their new collection under their 'Thea' line named EVO exclusively on the first day of Boutique Fairs, which features a cuff that was designed to symbolise the process of living life in general.

Photo (Styleguide): One of the new items from the EVO collection under the 'Thea' line created by Liz B

The main highlight of the cuff is the smooth transition from the polished and impeccable surface to the textured and pitted area that is dotted with the occasional sparkle from natural, precious stones. "It's a way to show the tribulations that we often find in the challanges we face in life," explains Li Ying.

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Indian Spice Box

Created to change the misconception that Indian food was hard to create and make from the comfort of our homes, founder Namita Moolani Mehra decided to create this spice box which consists of nine organic spices sourced from India. The spices come in wooden inserts that allows shoppers to display them in a traditional way and the box includes a cookbook that's authored by Namita herself.

Picture (Indian Spice Box): The nine spices featured in the box when you purchase it from the store.

For each spice box kit sold, the Indian Spice Box is able to feed ten hungry street children a hot meal in India. This is achieved by working with a charity based in India called Food For Life Vrindavan (FFLV). Aside from the spice box, there's also beautiful antique and vintage products to lookout for purchase which Namita brought in from India. They can either be used as display items or in the kitchen as cooking tools. Fun fact: the store front was designed and inspired by the spice markets found in India, which is why you can find the spices stacked up neatly in their own category, alike to the spice bags that you see at the market!

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Photo (Styleguide): Palola's display of bespoke shoes which features 'Cherie' and 'Jessica'

As once the iconic Marilyn Monroe said: Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. So do yourself the favor and head over to Palola, a bespoke shoe service that promises to create the best travel companion that a woman struck with wonderlust can have - shoes! Because it's bespoke, Palola is able to craft your shoe sizes accordingly to your left and right feet (since both of them can be of different length in some cases) and provide the utmost customised comfort that you can get from nowhere aside from here.

Photo (Palola Facebook): 'Claudia' Belgian Loafers created by Palola which was launched exclusively at Boutique Fairs 2017

Aside from their bespoke services, there is also an off-the-shelf item available which is their ready-to-wear 'Claudia' Belgian Loafers launched exclusively at the Boutique Fairs. The last time we enquired, about 70% of the stocks for 'Claudia' has already been sold, so take the chance to grab your own pair before she's gone for good.

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The conceptualisation of Singapore Brand footwear company, GENA took 5 years for Director and CEO, Cherre Hermogena to create before we saw the birth of the product today. What spurred the young aspiring entrepreneur to create this product can be traced back to the memorable scene of women walking around barefooted and having experienced the same pain and discomfort of wearing heels herself years later. Designs and selections which are sold under GENA were created and voted by their customers. To credit customers who came up with the voted shoe designs, they would name the heels after their customer’s name.

Photo(Styleguide): Adjustable Heel in a click

Picture(Styleguide): Adjustable Heel

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Established in 2011 in Israel, GIN LEE is the only Singapore fashion label with 4 season selections. This clothing label is the child of Singaporean designer Gin Lee. During Gin Lee’s time in Israel, the difficulties that she faced while trying to gain recognition at a designer house was what motivated her to start GIN LEE Studio. Infusing textile innovations to create a low profile minimalistic look, the key design principles of pieces from Gin Lee is centered at providing utmost comfort to the modern women, making it suitable for everyday wear. GIN LEE Spring Summer collection showcased in this year’s Singapore’s fashion week will be available soon in Jan 2018.

Photo(Styleguide): Design pattern using laser cut 

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The motivation to design truly affordable unisex watch for everyday wear was what saw the creation of Plain Supplies in 2014. Customers of Plain Supplies are especially fond of the clean and minimalistic design of the watches and the flexibility that it provides with customisation by having a changeable watch strap that comes in a variety of designs and colors. Plain Supplies launched  “The Everyday Watch” which comes in 3 interchangeable straps and a date function, making it a perfect gift for someone’s significant other. A note to know is that the brand logo of Plain supplies is carefully hidden from plain sight, which proves to be an absolute plus point when one aims to achieve a clean modern look. Aside from that, Plain Supplies will be looking at expanding to a backpack series in the next few months.

Photo(Styleguide): Detachable Straps

Photo(Styleguide): Different Strap Selections 

Photo(Styleguide): Launch of The Everyday Watch 

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Chin, founder of Singapore’s casualwear fashion brand Salient Label aims to produce quality clothes that are affordable and made to last. Through its realistic and versatile design, the pieces from the fashion brand gives a simplistic and minimalistic look that is suitable for everyday wear. Initially, Salient Label started out as a school project for Chin before becoming a full-time business for her. Check out newly launched pieces at Boutique Singapore that is yet to be available online.

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