Quick Guide to Christmas Wonderland 2017 at Gardens by the Bay

What you need to know about Singapore's biggest yuletide event


April 27 2018

Christmas Wonderland 2017 is back and we are here to give a guide on what to look out for when you make your way to the venue to celebrate this season of giving!

Make Your Way by Alighting at Bayfront MRT Station

Photo: The path leading to one of the main entrances to Christmas Wonderland 2017 featuring the Italian Luminarie light sculptures.

This is the most straightforward manner of reaching the event's venue. There are two main entrances to the event that visitors can make use of as they alight from Bayfront MRT station.

Picture: The Christmas Wonderland 2017 Venue Map 

To note: Gate 1, which is located near the vicinity of the makeshift ticketing booth set up near the Cloud and Flower Domes ticketing counter, will lead you straight up to the festive market food huts. Gate 4 will get you started with the 'Savour: Christmas Wonderland' programme line-up alongside the wine tasting market enclosed in an air-conditioned tentage.(Something to take note of especially when trying to find a gathering point with your friends or families)

Photo: What to expect when you enter the event via the second entrance available at Christmas Wonderland 2017

Make Sure to Get The Chop Before You Hop

Photo: Ticket to Christmas Wonderland. This will be collected and not returned as you make your way to the event entrance.

Don't be alarmed when the staff does not return your tickets as you make your way in; if you wish to exit the event and make a return trip, simply get a chop from the event's staff for ticket proof-of-purchase. 

Do note that tickets to the event can be purchased online but can only be done one day in advance via their online website. (Online tickets are sold $2 cheaper). Separate tickets to other programme line-ups such as the 'Ethiopian Dreams' circus and workshops are also available for purchase online as well.

Bring Enough Cash

Most of the food and merchandise items that you will find in the 'Festive Huts' could be a tad pricey for those on a lower budget. That aside, it's also advisable to bring cash instead of credit if you are planning to visit the festive food stalls set up at the event as majority of them do not accept card payment.

Some goodies from the Festive Huts which you shouldn't miss:

Coffee & S'mores

Photo: Big O Group Facebook

As its name suggests, you can get hot or cold beverages topped off with s'mores that has been torched to caramelised goodness. Our personal favorites are the Hot Coffee S'mores. For those who fancy a local taste, you should definitely have a go at their Coconut Chendol. This item consists of a layer of torched Marshmallows on a waffle cone that's filled with the ingredients you will find in our local Chendol dessert!

Price Range: $5 - $10 

The Dutch Pancake Store

Photo: Instagram @thedutchpancakestore

Dubbing themselves as Singapore's best authentic Dutch pancakes, The Dutch Pancake Store has the perfect dessert to offer as you admire and munch under the starry Christmas lightshows that will occur later on. Customers can have the choice of Plain, Chocolate or Special flavored Dutch Pancakes that can be paired with a variety of sauces and fruits of your liking. Our recommended choice is the Plain pancakes paired with Nutella and strawberries. (A bonus note to take into account is that you can get $1 off if you give their store a shout out via Instagram!)

Price Range: From $6 onwards

Churros Republic

Photo: Instagram @churrosrepublic

Unlike the tough and doughy counterparts that you might have ended up purchasing when you tried Churros for the first time, Churros Republic promises to provide churros that are light and crispy on the outside, yet soft and fluffy on the inside. The dessert reaches another level of divine when you pair their cinammon sugar coated Churros up with their available sauces such as the classic caramel and chocolate. As they are freshly made upon order, let it cool for a while before taking a bite as it can be really hot!

Price Range: From $10 onwards


Photo: Instagram @swagpotion

For those looking to quench your thirst in the hot afternoon (the event opens at 4pm), Swagpotion provides an array of colorful and refreshing sodas, mocktails and cocktails that come in the unique form of gigantic cups and peculiar drip bags. Definitely a creative beverage item that has that color pop you need for your Instagram feed too! 

Price Range: From $4 onwards


Photo: Instagram @popagandasorbets

Beat the heat with these all-natural, organic fruit sorbet popsicles from Popaganda! Besides being located in one of the festive huts, you can find their stand alone popsicle cart as well that's located in the midst of the path which leads towards the Carnival area. Their refreshing yet original flavors include: Blood Orange Acerola Mint, Coconut, Raspberry Pomegranate Flaxseed Oil and many more. 

Price Range: From $5 onwards

The Beast

Photo: Instagram @thebeast_sg

Trust us when we say this will definitely catch your eye when you pass by their festive hut during the event. We credit it to their main signboard that displays a mouth-watering 500 gram Smoked Turkey Leg for sale at their stall. So if you are looking to give the Flintstone vibes or still feeling the Thanksgiving cravings, this is the place for you! 

The Raclette Factory 

Photo: The Raclette Factory Facebook

Cheese fanatics do not give this a miss because this stall torches off the edge of an entire cheese wheel right before your very eyes. With cheese air-flown directly from France, its torched melted remnants is used to create the ultimate cheese-lover item: a gooey goodness consisting of potatoes and chicken sausages covered in melted, Raclette cheese.

Price Range: From $12 onwards

Meatball In A Bucket by SOFNADE

Photo: Instagram @sofnade

This item will definitely get your bang for the buck as the Meatballs in a Bucket with Brown Gravy and Cranberry sauce comes with a great serving of mashed potatoes and twister fries as well. You are sure to get your fill from feasting upon this as you indulge in the rich gravy and creamy mashed potatoes topped off with the juicy and succulent meatballs! Beware as their queue starts to form as the night gets darker. So do get your cravings filled by arriving at the stall early.

Price Range: From $8 onwards

Drop By 'Savour: Christmas Wonderland' For a Gourmet Experience

Photo: Where 'Savour: Christmas Wonderland' and Fairprice Finest 'The Finest Wine Market' is held. Look at that creative make shift table made up of pallet!

For those after a more refined food experience, 'Savour: Christmas Wonderland' will be your go-to place. You can find specially created gourmet dishes (priced as low as $6) by award winning celebrity chefs (some with Michelin stars bagged down as experience). Do note that Credit card or 'Savour' dollars will be the preferred payment mode.

Photo: Foi Gras Magnum from Saint Pierre via SAVOUR.online 

Wine lovers should definitely not miss an unlimited $10 wine tasting treat provided at "The Finest Wine Market" set up by Fairprice Finest. This $10 purchase entitles you to a plastic wine glass allowing you to sample the wines as you walk around. That aside, ciders and free cheese sampling is available as well. So do check them out!

Photo: Fairprice Finest wine tasting area with different vendors

Carnival Games For Your Inner (or Actual) Child

Photo: One of the many carnival game booths that's available at the Christmas Wonderland 2017

If food and activities happening within the festive huts is not enough to entertain you, challenge yourself into winning an adorable Olaf, Darth Vader or other cartoon plushies available at the game booths! Games start at the price of $4 and the list of games includes Milk Can Toss, Basketball, 'Fishy Fishy' and many more!

Photo: Mini Ferris Wheel, one of the many kid-friendly rides available at Christmas Wonderland 2017

For families with kids, delight your little ones by letting them have a go on kids-friendly rides such as the Ferris Wheel, Carousel, Spinning Teacups and the Chair-O-Plane. Older childrens and even parents could consider 'Skating Under The Stars', which is located  at the end of the 'Savour: Chrismas Wonderland' line up. Bear in mind that tickets will have to be purchased from a ticketing booth located just round the corner.

Wear Comfortable Clothing and Pile On the Sunblock

Photo: One of the many outdoor dining areas.

If you decide to go early at 4pm, it's best to put some extra SPF on and don a comfortable outfit so that you won't break out in a heat rash as you dine at the countless outdoor seating spots available at the event. Sheltered areas are limited and thus, bring an umbrella along to be prepared should the rain come.

Better Late than Early, Unless You Are Hungry

Photo: The night scenery at Christmas Wonderland 2017.

The festive mood peaks in pace with the setting sun, as darkness from the night brings the literal best out of the spectacular Italian Luminarie light sculptures. If that's not enough, there's also the occasional 'snowfall' that will happen a total of five times throughout the course of the event.

Do not miss the light show that starts at approximately 8pm (Listen for the announcement)! It's an amazing experience that should be witnessed firsthand as the Super Trees change their colored lights spectacularly according to a playlist of all-too-familiar Christmas tunes. If you are a Boomerang fanatic, put the app on standby and be ready as the Super Trees lights dance accordingly to the songs in the air. 

Photo: A moment from the light show that occurs during the Christmas Wonderland 2017 event.

Once the trance from the light show has ended, move over and immerse yourself into the melodious voice of the choir as they perform Christmas hymns and songs at a brilliantly lit pedestal that's bound to make you feel that Christmas is already upon us.

Photo: The choir performance before the light show commences at Christmas Wonderland 2017

Christmas Wonderland 2017 will be here from 1 December to 25 December .There's plenty of time for you and your loved ones to drop by and have a taste of this gorgeous celebration of Christmas under the starry lights of Gardens By The Bay. We strongly encourage foodies to set a minimum budget of $50 to get the full gourmet experience. Alternatively, pool in money together with friends or families for an ultimate food walk and taste of everything! Have fun!

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