December Hijinks - Museum Hopping in Singapore

December 3 2019 | By Raebekah Soh

Real museums are places where time is transformed into space ~ Orhan Pamuk

The Essence of France in Motion Pictures: The French Film Festival 2019

November 3 2019 | By Raebekah Soh

Everyone loves a good film and who would say no to a film festival with a splendid line-up of diverse films?

Voilah! French-Singapore Festival 2019 Returns This October

October 2 2019 | By Raebekah Soh

~ Bread, Cheese, Wine, and Romance

Changing the Local Music (& Animal Rescue) Game with Joie Tan

September 1 2019 | By Nicole Chan

"It’s a process, but don’t forget that we’re all figuring it out too."

The Highlights of Singapore Night Festival 2019

August 28 2019 | By Nicole Chan

Watch as the city comes alive through light and art.

Reese Lansangan: A Trailblazer in the International Indie Music Scene

August 26 2019 | By STYLEGUIDE

Follow every single thing that sparks your interest and see where it leads you. It’s okay to love many things. It’s okay to fall out of love, too. It’s okay to change. Just keep being brave, keep doing what you love.

8 Things You Can Discover at Jewel Changi Airport

August 26 2019 | By Raebekah Soh

From watching the light show at the Rain Vortex to bouncing about on the Canopy Walk to simply just sitting at cafes, it doesn’t matter who you are, Jewel has something to offer for everyone.

Celebrate Local: Top 7 Homegrown Films

August 7 2019 | By Nicole Chan

Die die must watch.

A Chat with Joe Tan: Music For A Cause

July 24 2019 | By Nicole Chan

"Music is the universal language of mankind."

Classic TV Shows to Catch Up On

July 19 2019 | By Jun Sheng Ng

'You come at the king, you best not miss.'

What's Happening: Events in Singapore from Jul - Dec 2019

July 19 2019 | By Nicole Chan

Don't say boijo.

Celebrate National Day 2019 in True Singaporean Style

July 16 2019 | By Srika Nambiar

Paint the town red, Singaporean Style!

7 Weird Music Genres You Never Knew Existed

July 16 2019 | By Jun Sheng Ng

When you say you listen to everything.

4 Pages to Follow for Your Daily Dose of Singapore Jokes

July 9 2019 | By Jun Sheng Ng

For when life jin jialat (damn bad).

8 Unique Experiences in Singapore for a Novel Slice of Life

July 8 2019 | By Chantelle Lim

Uncovering Singapore's best-kept secrets.

Meet Vivien Yap: A Rising Star of the Local Music Scene

June 27 2019 | By Nicole Chan

Music's just another language for us to express ourselves.

The Process of Believing Despite Disbelief – Through the Doors of Netflix's Unicorn Store

June 19 2019 | By Karel Tan

Facing the tension between belief and experience in her relationships

The Best Boutique Hotels in Singapore For That Perfect Stay

June 17 2019 | By Srika Nambiar

From lush and cozy to quirky and niche, experience something unique and refreshing!

Culture Trippin': Best Museums and Galleries in Singapore to Check Out

June 13 2019 | By Chantelle Lim

Discover the cultural gems in Singapore.

The Intersection of Eastern And Western Cultures, Expressed Through Mandopop

June 10 2019 | By Alvina Koh

Meet me halfway.

6 things you did not know about Crazy Rich Asians

August 29 2018 | By Charmaine Jacob

It has been 25 years since Hollywood produced a film with an all Asian cast

Gursheel Dhillon: On Starting Vanilla Luxury & Sky Grande Prix

August 26 2018 | By STYLEGUIDE

Where luxury meets travel, food, beauty and events

6 Questions with The Podium Lounge Founder Robbie Hoyes-Cock

August 23 2018 | By STYLEGUIDE

According to Robbie, the crazier it is, the better.

Singapore GP Unveils New Hospitality Concepts For 2018 Singapore Grand Prix

July 27 2018 | By Camillia Dass

Enjoy Michelin starred meals and luxurious comfort as you watch the Grand Prix this year

The Lion King Roars Back Into Singapore For Epic International Tour

June 29 2018 | By Camillia Dass

The world's #1 musical is back in Singapore for their international tour

10 Cafes With Incredibly Instagrammable Desserts

June 22 2018 | By Camillia Dass

Looking for the prettiest food on the island? Look no further!

Hopscotch: Bespoke Cocktails With A Local Twist

June 20 2018 | By Camillia Dass

From alcoholic chicken soup to smoky whiskey, Hopscotch has it all!

Twelve Awesome Places to Hang Out to Watch The World Cup

June 12 2018 | By Camillia Dass

Fancy watching the World Cup at a bar? Here are a list of the best ones!

Leong Charlie: From Struggling Student To Finding Her Niche As A Nightlife Concept Planner

June 7 2018 | By Camillia Dass

"All I want is cuddles but all I get is struggles"

Five Bars With Unique Drink Concoctions

June 1 2018 | By Camillia Dass

Five bars with cocktails that will blow your mind

Nickeldime River Valley - A New Place to Hang Out at 8 Mohamed Sultan

May 21 2018 | By STYLEGUIDE

Unique Craft Beers & Comfort Food at River Valley's Coolest New Neighbourhood Hangout

Citrus Bistro: A Halal-Certified Alfresco Dining Experience By The Pool

March 19 2018 | By STYLEGUIDE

Sink your teeth into a mouth-watering variety of local delights and Asian-fusion dishes

What To Do In Celebration For International Women's Day 2018 In Singapore

March 7 2018 | By STYLEGUIDE

For all the ladies out there

Up Close and Personal with Singaporean Filmmaker Boo Junfeng

March 2 2018 | By Velda Wong

A writer needs a pen, an artist needs a brush, but a filmmaker needs an army ~ Orson Welles

7 Books To Kickstart Your Interest In Local Literature

February 26 2018 | By Zhen Yin

This is how you start to be part of the #BuySingLit movement

18 Night Clubs In Singapore To Let Loose At During The Midweek And Weekends

February 22 2018 | By STYLEGUIDE

Because one day we will leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember

7 Photo Editing Apps To Use In Preparation For iLight Singapore 2018

February 19 2018 | By STYLEGUIDE

A highlight to add for your photos as you capture breath-taking installations

7 Last-Minute Ideas For Valentine's Day That Works For Both Singles and Couples

February 12 2018 | By Zhen Yin

Because not all of us have the luxury to plan in advance

11 Highlights of Singapore Art Week 2018

January 24 2018 | By STYLEGUIDE

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home

Fancy a beer while reading your book? Meet the Founders of Books & Beer Singapore!

January 18 2018 | By STYLEGUIDE

A traveling book-swop with an ice-cold twist!

Not-So-Christmas Movies Selected For You Over The Long Holiday Weekends!

December 19 2017 | By STYLEGUIDE

Something for everyone this Christmas

7 Sales Events To Go For Christmas Shopping: Starting From 8th December 2017

December 7 2017 | By STYLEGUIDE

Get your picks from toys, apparels, gadgets to books for this gifting season!

10 Places to Hang Out or Party at For Your New Year's Eve Celebration in 2017

December 7 2017 | By STYLEGUIDE

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

Christmas Traditions You Never Knew From Across The World

December 5 2017 | By Zhen Yin

There's more you can do to get involved than just buying the mistletoe

10 Christmas Markets and Events to attend this December - It's the Season of Giving

November 29 2017 | By STYLEGUIDE

Make this December a remarkable one to remember

Treasures of the Natural World at the ArtScience Museum: What you should know

November 26 2017 | By STYLEGUIDE

Travel back in time from 25 November 2017 to 29 April 2018

Murder On The Orient Express: A fiction detective novel inspired by a true crime story

November 22 2017 | By STYLEGUIDE

The untold true story behind the fiction novel

7 Artistic Events for you to attend from 17th to 30th November 2017

November 14 2017 | By STYLEGUIDE

From food and music to the arts and history - definitely something not to be missed!

Bring classics into your lives with 15 Classical musical events happening this November.

November 9 2017 | By STYLEGUIDE

Let's bring you back to the golden era of when music was at its purest form

6 Horror Games To Scare the Living Daylights Out of You

October 14 2017 | By Zhen Yin

You won't have to spend five nights at Freddy's no more

13 Movies To Watch For The Ultimate Halloween Experience

October 13 2017 | By Zhen Yin

And no, Johnny's not here

The Beginner's Guide to Understanding Beer

October 5 2017 | By Zhen Yin

Bring Out Your Inner German

10 Facts Nobody Told You About Beer

October 5 2017 | By Ruolin Tan

Because who doesn't love to appreciate a good ol' beer tower?

5 'Must Attend' Events During Your University Recess Week

October 2 2017 | By STYLEGUIDE

It's time to play hard and work harder