17 Places To Get Cold Brew Coffee In Singapore To Tackle The Heat

February 14 2018 | By STYLEGUIDE

Iced coffee, on a hot day, can perform miracles ~

5 Yoga and Fitness Studios to Sign Up For After The Long Weekend

February 13 2018 | By STYLEGUIDE

We don't wish for a good body, we work for it

Launched In A Shade Of Pink: New Pink Princess Themed Beauty In The Pot at OneKM Mall

February 11 2018 | By STYLEGUIDE

Be prepared to be wowed by the lush ambience and delicate shades of rose-pink covering the sleek interior

A Taste Of Authentic Japanese Cuisine At Shima Restaurant- Singapore's Oldest Japanese Restaurant

February 5 2018 | By Vera Soh

Charm your senses and pamper your souls at Shima

From Management Consulting to Cosmetics and Lipsticks - Featured Article with Louisa Ch’ng from ColorMeHappy

January 29 2018 | By STYLEGUIDE

Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world

Unconventional Snacks to Accompany You This Chinese New Year!

January 28 2018 | By Velda Wong

Something new for your guests this Chinese New Year

Why Journalling Is Beneficial And Empowering – Interview With Celeste Cai

January 25 2018 | By Isabel Ong

If you were to commit yourself to using this journal, self-discovery and lifelong application of these virtues can be truly transformative for you.

Taking the Path Less Travelled - Experiences of a Female Solo Traveller Backpacking Around The World

January 22 2018 | By STYLEGUIDE

Solo travelling means chasing your dreams without being held back

Art, Music and Festival Events Happening from 21st to 31st January 2018

January 21 2018 | By STYLEGUIDE

Celebrate the joy of music and the arts as we approach the end of January 2018

Capturing the Moments of a Lifetime – How Wedding Photography Platform OneThreeOneFour Got Started

January 16 2018 | By STYLEGUIDE

The cake gets eaten, the flowers will die, but the wedding photos will last forever...

Your Brain and the Benefits of Meditation

January 15 2018 | By Vera Soh

Mindfulness meditation is like yoga for the mind – it detoxifies, strengthens and at the same time improves flexibility, and we can reap these benefits by keeping up with a regular practice, sustained over a period of time.

Heart of a Fighter – Up Close and Personal with Muay Thai Champion Terrence Teo

January 11 2018 | By STYLEGUIDE

May my heart be kind, my mind fierce, and my spirit brave

Improving Your Life through Meditation

January 4 2018 | By Vera Soh

Meditation clears your mind – the endless thoughts in our head are like pebbles, while our mind is like the water in a lake

Conceiving Life Through The Lens of an Artist – Featuring Dan Wong from A Good Citizen

December 13 2017 | By STYLEGUIDE

The pen and brush is mightier than the sword in this one.

How To Hold The Perfect Secret Santa Gift Exchange

December 10 2017 | By STYLEGUIDE

This is how you should be playing Secret Santa

The Science of Why New Year's Resolutions Don't Work

December 4 2017 | By Susan Weinschenk

And how to use behavioral science to create resolutions that actually work

Quick Guide to Christmas Wonderland 2017 at Gardens by the Bay

December 1 2017 | By STYLEGUIDE

What you need to know about Singapore's biggest yuletide event

On Yoga and Self-Appreciation in Life with Vera Soh

November 30 2017 | By STYLEGUIDE

Every step I take has to be a meaningful step – it has to be in line with what I think and feel is right for me at that point.

Connecting To The Hidden Dimension of Music with Edwin Toh

November 27 2017 | By STYLEGUIDE

Being able to connect to that intangible, hidden dimension of music...I find that is really one of the wonders of being human, with songs to encourage and celebrate every stage of life for us.

Living Life On Your Own Terms - Edward Chong from Evolve Salon

November 23 2017 | By STYLEGUIDE

Just be yourself, and continue doing the things you want to. Whatever decision you make, accept it and don’t regret it.

Murder On The Orient Express: A fiction detective novel inspired by a true crime story

November 22 2017 | By STYLEGUIDE

The untold true story behind the fiction novel

Reflections from The Happiness Festival 2017

November 22 2017 | By Zhen Yin

Sometimes happiness really is a matter of choice

An Introspective Look into the Journey of a Young Entrepreneur - Featuring Robin from Made Real

November 16 2017 | By STYLEGUIDE

At the age of 19, Robin co-founded Made Real, a subscription service curating wholesome & nutritious snacks that has recently expanded from Singapore to Hong Kong.

The Story of Number 9: A Tale of Numbers

November 14 2017 | By STYLEGUIDE

This is a story of how a person's significance is not found in how big or small you are.

Insights into the Life & Philosophy of Seasoned Entrepreneur Clinton Zheng

November 12 2017 | By STYLEGUIDE

I believe the greatest change happens within myself - to be the best version of myself. Then and only then, can I be a great conduit of change in the world.

The Happiness Festival - These 2 Millennials Wish To Build A Happier Singapore

November 11 2017 | By STYLEGUIDE

What makes a good life and how can I live it?

Boutique Fairs Singapore 2017: A Glimpse to The Gifting Edition of the Shopping Event

November 10 2017 | By STYLEGUIDE

Your November shopping fix for top quality & unique designer items to make you stand out from the crowd

Fruit Tea Stores to Visit to Catch On the Fruit Tea Trend in Singapore

November 1 2017 | By Zhen Yin

These drinks are one in a melon

21 Lessons You Should Definitely Learn In Your 20s

October 12 2017 | By Yuri Kruman

Especially Lesson 21 - The key to getting through the harsh lessons is to..

A Review: 'In Time To Come' by Tan Pin Pin

October 10 2017 | By Zhen Yin

The opening of a time capsule in Singapore calls into question connections to time and place

Afternoon with The Prestigious and Holland & Sherry

October 9 2017 | By STYLEGUIDE

A glimpse into the prized heritage of a Savile Row Mill

‘GIF’ Your Time For NOISE X GIF Fest 2017

October 5 2017 | By STYLEGUIDE

A spellbound experience

Finding Happiness Before You Get There

October 3 2017 | By MillePsychB

A Millennial Psychologist's Perspective

How do I Get Rid of Laziness and Procrastination

September 25 2017 | By Andrei Cimbru

Get rid of laziness and procrastination now

20 Cafes in Town with Free Wifi and Power Plugs

September 22 2017 | By STYLEGUIDE

Get your work done and chill

Singapore’s Most Comprehensive Tailor Guide

September 12 2017 | By STYLEGUIDE

All your desired Tailors in one place

Interview With Wine Sommelier Vasu K Chia

August 24 2017 | By Zhen Yin

Beer is made by men, wine by God - Martin Luther

10 Must-Read Books for Personal Branding

August 7 2017 | By STYLEGUIDE

The more that you read, the more things you will know

8 Ways To Tone Your Body While At Work

July 21 2017 | By STYLEGUIDE

Fitness is not restricted to the gym