A Journey to Antarctica with Anthea Ong

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Date: Saturday, 12 May

Time: 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Venue: NVPC #04-88 Clarke Quay Central

Website: Visit Site

This sharing is part of the "Be Inspired" Speaker Series at A Good Space. 
All proceeds will contribute towards the operational costs of A Good Space, a not-for-profit community movement.
Antarctica has often been said to be one of the last, unexplored frontiers on Earth. 
Yet, it's so hard to get to... 
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hike through Antarctica, or journey to the South Pole?
Well you are in for a treat because Antarctica is coming to you!
In March 2018, social entrepreneur Anthea Ong embarked on a leadership expedition to Antarctica with 80 other global change-makers from 22 countries, led by world-renowned explorer, Sir Robert Swan. 
They were part of the 2041 ClimateForce Leadership on the Edge Antarctica Expedition, which aims to protect Antarctica and unite those who seek to protect our world, and create a more sustainable, clean energy future.
The Expedition was about fighting climate change specifically, but each global change-makers was there to raise awareness for different causes, and Anthea was the only change-maker to champion self-care and workplace wellness. 
We'll gather in a cosy 2 hour session to hear stories and see sights from Antarctica and the Expedition, including:
- Learn about the 2041 ClimateForce Challenge and the meaningful work they are doing
- How Antarctica changed Anthea and her biggest discoveries
- Why Antarctica is crucial for climate change, peace and the future of humanity
- Meet and connect with other change-makers passionate about climate change
- And a special bonus... what made her do the legendary Polar Plunge?
Feeling inspired after the talk? Discover small action steps you can take to make a positive difference in climate change!
We are inviting some local ground-ups and environment movements to set up mini booths in a marketplace. Come down and discover the wide range of volunteering opportunities available for you! You can be play a part in saving our environment :)
An impact entrepreneur and investor, Anthea Ong is also a life/executive coach holding space for personal change and transformation. Her most famous impact project is Hush, Singapore's first silent teabar that brings self care and social inclusion into every workplace through tea reflection rituals led by Deaf facilitators. 
She's also founder of Our Tree Stories to connect humans and trees through stories, and A Good Space, a community-curated movement to bring catalysts together to inspire, invent, intersect and innovate inclusion and citizen engagement. 
Anthea Ong commits to an inspired life through veganism, yoga/meditation and active volunteerism, and is also in the midst of finishing her book, 50 Shades of Love, of life, trees and stories. 
She continued with this odyssey after Antarctica by trekking solo through the wilderness of Patagonia for another 2 weeks - and is now comfortably back in Singapore! 
Getting up close with the whales and penguins of Antarctica also gave her a newfound love for what nature has to offer.
Join her as she shares about her life-changing experience in Antarctica and the new things she learnt in her 1-month journey. 
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