Coffee Painting with Sound of Nature

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Date: Sunday, 6 May

Time: 8:30 am to 10:30 am

Venue: Singapore Botanic Gardens

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Guardians of Mother Earth proudly present The Arts of Coffee, a series of workshops designed to deepen your sense of appreciation towards green living with coffee.

The Arts of Coffee Series #1: Coffee Painting with Sound of Nature

Love to drink coffee but don't know what to do with the used coffee ground?

Do you know that you can make beautiful paintings with the used coffee ground? And the good news is NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE NEEDED!

This workshop was designed for nature lovers. Besides learning how to use or manage our waste in a creative way, this event is a good opportunity to get out into nature at the Botanic Gardens, where the workshop will be conducted.

Local visual artist Vincent Seet will teach you how to use the coffee ground to do your own paintings. 
Michele Chong, a professional musician, will also use singing bowls to partner the pure sounds of nature to create a therapeutic effect. 

In this lush green setting, you will not only paint but open up your senses; see, listen, feel and connect with nature. we translate those senses into inspiration and bring life into the painting with each stroke of our brush.

Creating a beautiful piece of art from your soul
About the Workshop Facilitators

Vincent Seet, Visual Artist
Vincent Seet is a self-taught artist conversant in different styles of artwork using medium ranging from acrylic, plank to coffee painting. The theme includes nature landscape, wildlife, portrait as well as comic sketches. At the peak of his career as an educator, his life took a different course after he suffered two strokes in 2010 and 2011. It turned out to be a golden opportunity for him to exit the rat race and pursue many of his childhood dreams. He has successfully published 3 books and held various exhibitions locally and in India. He continues to capture the beauty of nature through his art and encourages people to love and care for our planet.

Michele Chong, Musician & Sound Healer
Michele is a professional musician and sound healer. Since young, she has believed that sound can heal sickness. She composes music and songs to spread positivity to the world. She loves various types of nature sounds, especially the harmony of the leaves, bird choirs, water waves and the speeches of the blowing winds. One of her favourite activists is travelling around the world, where she brings along her singing bowls and music tools to heal nature and the living creatures.

Material Cost: SGD5 per person
Limited Seat, pre-payment is required to secure your seat.

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