Journaling – Reflective Writing for Self-Discovery

Arts & Culture

Date: Saturday, 12 May

Time: 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

Venue: Singapore Book Council 90 Goodman Road

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Journaling has long been recognised for its therapeutic benefits in helping people gain understanding of the complexities of the world we live in. If you have had a taste and appreciation of writing as a salve, and would like to deepen the experience or if you would like to start journaling, this workshop is for you.


It has been well-documented and researched that the process of writing can be a healing one.

What is it then about writing that helps people untie the knots in their lives and bring clarity and connectedness into their life experiences?

Psychologists and psychotherapists have long recognised the therapeutic benefits of writing in helping their clients gain understanding of the complexities of the world they live in.

If you have had a taste and appreciation of writing as a salve, this workshop on journaling will help you discover some good practices and ideas on how to deepen the experience.

If you’d like to discover how you may avail yourself of the resources within you through journaling, this workshop will show you the ropes and help you make a start to knowing yourself better.


  • Why journal and what are its benefits
  • What is a journal and how does it function
  • The journaling framework
  • Creating the environment
  • Minding the beauty in the language
  • What is your story; what is your part in it
  • Making a start – Exercises
  • Digging deeper – Enriching your experience
  • Practice and discussion

This workshop is suitable for participants aged 18 and above interested in writing.


Melina Chua-Clark brings with her more than thirty years of experience in Advertising and Marketing Communication. Her teaching experience includes lecturing at the Nanyang Technological University on Communication subjects such as Creative Strategy, Advertising and Writing for Media; and teaching Creative Concepts, Art of Story and History of the Arts at the Republic Poly. In addition to teaching and training based on her professional communication specialty, she conducts workshops on soft skills development and personal growth and fulfillment. She is passionate about how the application of communication skills and expertise can be harnessed for individuals to achieve life goals.


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*Please note that there is no lift access to the Book Council Training Room (at 3rd level).