SKY KAVE - Performances

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Date: Thursday, 10 May to Saturday, 12 May

Time: 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Venue: The Arts House at The Old Parliament

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Unlock new dimensions to experiencing sound in tactile music installation.

Why just hear sound when one can also feel and see it? This is the premise of SKY KAVE, a music and visual art installation by Singapore multidisciplinary artist FERRY and technical collaborator Rong Zhao. The artists have created a suspended projection screen and a “Kave” floor—platforms equipped with tactile sound transducers—that enables the transmission of sound frequencies into physical vibrations felt by lying down on it.

The wireless headphones provided give audiences the choice of listening to the accompanying soundtracks. But SKY KAVE isn't so much about hearing sound and music, rather, by adding touch and sight to the experience, one can discover and experience new ways of enjoying it. 

A multi-sensory experience for audiences from all walks of life including those with different sensory abilities, be treated to a carefully curated multimedia show involving music, film and projections, set within the world of the Play Den.


10 – 12 May
7.30pm & 8.30pm 
30m, no intermission

Free with registration

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