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Online Tailor Singapore has a global reputation for bespoke tailoring and C Armani Tailors is amongst the top of the line. C. Armani Tailors Pte Ltd started over 20 years ago as a small home grown family custom tailoring business and has served over 20,000 satisfied customers to date and continues to do so. We stand apart from the rest as our suits are crafted in a time honoured traditional workshop process. Our Online Best custom tailors Singapore offers custom suits in Singapore.

Our workmanship is monitored at every step of the assembly right from the minute measurements taken at the time of placing the order to the finished garment to create a suit unique to yr form and posture to enhance yr best features perfectly. With experienced master tailors and a wide varierty of fabrics to choose from you are assured of bispoke suit. Our heritage to provide quality and service endures today and guides our business principal.

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Feng Sheng 2 years ago

Mr Jee tu is certainly the man to meet for your tailoring needs. Have been engaging him for more than 5 years and he never takes our friendship for granted!

His professionalism and meticulous attention towards your request is simply amazing. Keep it up! [Facebook Review]

Vishal Chandnani 2 years ago

Exceptional service ...been using them for 15 years and never disappointed [Facebook Review]

Preety Gupta Chandnani 2 years ago

My husband always buys his suits and shirts from here!! They're efficient and extremely helpful. Would highly recommend! [Facebook Review]

Samuel Raj Muthu Pantian 2 years ago

Great Boss..great tailoring experts! [Facebook Review]

Rajesh Punjabi 2 years ago

I always get shirts done from C. Armani ~ always the best of service, quality and prices! Highly recommended. Thanks Jeetu :) [Facebook Review]

Larry Grey 2 years ago

Superb tailors. The main thing is that they provide their services online too. Best tailors to be searched for shirts, trousers and custom uniforms as well. [Facebook Review]

Siska Mcguinness 2 years ago

Amazing service quality and workmanship wouldn't go past it [Facebook Review]

Charlotte Jackson 2 years ago

They make the best clothes! :) [Facebook Review]

Ashley Lecoe 2 years ago

I had a wonderful experience with C.Armani Tailors in past. They are the best online tailors in Singapore. We can get stunning quality bespoke blazers and custom uniforms in Singapore. And also you can get shirts and pants as well. [Google Review]