Dylan & Son

5.0 / 5
120B Telok Ayer Street
$50 - $100
$700 - $1000
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12 pm to 8 pm
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Formerly known as Oriental Tailor between 1971 and 2010, the business went under a huge revamp as the financial crisis began to subside in 2010. Dylan & Son is now a two-generation, family owned tailor shop. Based in Singapore, their mission is to get guys to throw away their black trousers, one man at a time. Their aim is to re-introduce the age old craft of tailoring in a rejuvenated and relevant context by integrating their wealth of expertise that they have gained beforehand as Oriental Tailor in traditional tailoring with their youth-oriented approach. Dylan & Son provides made-to-measure shirts, semi or bespoke trousers and bespoke jackets or suits. 

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Ken Wee 2 years ago

Have tried many tailors both overseas and locally and D&S is one of the best. Beautiful atelier, fantastic fitting experience and most importantly great cut and fit on shirts and trousers. Dylan has a great sense of aesthetics and dishes out solid advice. This review probably doesn't make getting appointments easier but I guess the word is already out. [Facebook Review]

Teddy Gunarto 2 years ago

I've been to many tailors back home from the cheapest to the pricey one. Got fitting sessions more than twice as the sizing is always off. And in the end, I dont really like them and probably only wear them twice.
When I went to D&S I just let him do the measurement and him to decide the cut for my trousers

I dont live in singapore so I was anxious that I might need another fitting when collecting the trousers 4 months later. Turn out Dylan perfectly nailed the sizing. Otherwise i would have to wait for my next visit to Singapore.

I would say this is the first time I am satisfied with a tailor. [Facebook Review]

Zhong Zane Lim 2 years ago

I have done quite a number of M2M from various tailors and retailers. D&S was my first true bespoke experience and Dylan has made it extremely remarkable for me.

Being on a time constrain (only in Singapore for 4 to 5 weeks), I could only get trousers done. During the first appointment, I spoke to Dylan about my budget and my plans to revamp my wardrobe with staple trousers. Despite me being an extremely indecisive person, he worked alongside with me and was able to pick out2 solid fabrics that I loved.

Dylan also has a great eye of fit and is extremely experienced. He knows that the power of bespoke's unlimited customizations can potentially cause new clients to make regrettable decision. With that said, he's extremely comfortable with giving advice that will steer his client to the right direction. I also sincerely appreciate Dylan's love for his craft, which is evident in his speech, his writings and his craftsmanship. This just makes the appointment, and talking to him, so much more enjoyable.

The trousers, from every single detail, were impeccably made. Although I have yet to make any jackets with him, I am confident that he delivers the same precision and workmanship to all of his garments. D&S cuts their trousers at the natural waist and a fuller cut. With Dylan's eye for proportions, they look phenomenal and extremely flattering.

All in all, with the trousers, he gave me a bum that I never knew existed. After having trousers made by D&S, it's really hard to get trousers anywhere else..[Facebook Review]

Zhao Tianyu 2 years ago

Beware: AVOID AT ALL COSTS if you fancy skinny, ball-hugging dress pants and button-popping dress shirts. This is not the place for you.

Dylan's creations might seem loose and unfitting to an untrained eye, but 4 pairs of pants and 4 shirts in I can safely say that I won't be buying RTW shirts and trousers anymore. They fit like a charm and will completely change your perspective on how dress wear are ought to be worn.

Dylan was also kind enough to alter my pants for free when I lost a significant amount of weight over a few months, and I've learnt a lot about fabrics and tailoring in general just chatting with him.

Highly recommended but I would caution you that tailoring at this level is extremely additive, so watch your wallet! [Facebook Review]