Eat Train Love

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Living by the mantra ‘Eat Well, Train Hard, Love Yourself’, Cheryl set up Eat Train Love to share this passion and help others cultivate healthy relationships with food and exercise. Over the years of being in the fitness and dance industry, Cheryl is no stranger to the pressures of body image and the number of unsustainable and restrictive diets and fitness regimes marketed as quick weight loss solutions. By empowering others to make changes in their lifestyles out of self-love, her coaching and training programmes have helped many create positive change and build healthy relationships with food and exercise.

Inspired by Sheryl Sandberg’s famous rhetoric ‘What would you do if you weren’t afraid’, Cheryl wanted to make a real difference and has grown Eat Train Love beyond being just another fitness company. Today, Eat Train Love includes a wider online and global community, and supports 2 non-profit initiatives that promote female empowerment through dance and community growth through education. The message we spread is not only that of positive change, but also female empowerment and charity through fitness. Today, Eat Train Love is a movement, a support system, a community, and a family.

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