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Oxley Tower

Understanding how revolutionising the way men shop for clothing nowadays and people in Asia, who do not like to wear too much nor look like they would dress too casually. 

Addressing simplicity yet contemporary style that would suit majority of the audience out there,  providing our clients innovative combination of e-commerce and direct sales to offer impeccable sharp, tailored apparel at most convenient way possible.

We take pride in our products and its always important to us that we deliver goods that adhere to the highest standards, while educating our clients with an understanding of contemporary style to look their best and become the Made Man.

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Leon Lim 9 months ago

Benjamin was very patient and detailed in explaining what goes into the suit. His recommendation turned out to be an excellent decision and it looks like there is only one place I will go to in the future to make another suit

Made Suits 1 year ago

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