My Singapore Tailor

5.0 / 5
Concorde Hotel and Shopping Mall
$350 - $700
Below $350
Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday, 12.30 pm to 7.30 pm; Sunday & Public Holiday, 12.30 pm to 4.30 pm
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My Singapore Tailor is one of Singapore's most respected custom bespoke tailoring families. They are also the proud heir to the tradition of Singapore tailors and their clothing are still measured and fitted the way they were many years ago. At My Singapore Tailor, the secrets of accurate measurements and immaculate detailing have been closely guarded and passed down to craftsmen who will carry the tradition forward as well.

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Shiv Rox 2 years ago

Awesome shop! As an NSF, my allowance is barely much. When I get invited for events, renting is my only option. My Singapore Tailor offers a wide range of suits for me to choose from and not to mention, great pricing! Thank you! :) [Google Review]

Charles Yap 2 years ago

I was heading for San Jose , USA , for a Sales Meeting , so I needed 2 new suits for the event .
Weeks in advance I asked for recommendations from friends & colleagues & My Singapore Tailor always came in as Top Choice .
My expectation was that having a suit made was going to be a boring, somewhat annoying, if not time-wasting experience… it turned out to be my favorite activity of our whole trip!
By the end of the week I had 5 suits & only wish I could justify more. While David , will make anything you want, the best use of his talent and experience is to let him make the choices; collar, cuffs, number of buttons, lapel style, etc.
Enjoy the ride, it is a truly great experience. [Google Review]

Treena Evans 2 years ago

We went to David to make myself an evening dress and my husband a Tuxedo. He was extremely helpful and very friendly. We were very impressed with our finished Garments and would definitely recommend My Singapore Tailor. [Google Review]

Irwan Dinata 2 years ago

Excellent end to end service. Will definitely recommend to those looking for evening jacket. David is friendly, reliable and making sure that the client is satisfied before delivering the suit. Will definitely come back again! [Google Review]

Ashen Wagachchi 2 years ago

I've been to may tailor shops around the country and this is by far the BEST. Master tailor David and wife Harsha were exceptionally professional yet knowledgeable to answer many queries raised by my curious self. They provided me with all the necessary details and patiently accompanied me while i was contemplating among my decisions. Lastly, they were willingly adhered to tight timelines requested by me and delivered a product beyond my expectations. Thank you once again, my Singapore Tailors for the wonderful experience. Definitely looking forward for the next visit. Cheers [Google Review]