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Perfect Attire specialises in producing high quality tailored dress shirts for men and women. Fabrics from reputed European mills such as Andrea & Castelli, Tessitura Monti and Soktas are used to manufacture beautiful dress shirts with neopolitan craftsmenship. Perfect Attire owns and controls its own in-house factory to produce all tailored dress shirts. Each of its tailors has been trained in fine handcraft to produce hand made shirts that are rare to see. Perfect Attire places major emphasis on two factors that make custom dress shirts an investment: Craftsmanship and Fit Guarantee.  Clients receive professional and personal attention to design and create a wardrobe that is suited to their lifestyle, taste and comfort. From a pristine white dress shirt fit for a corporate board event to a floral patterned evening shirt perfect for that weekend date, the only limit is an individual’s imagination. With over 500 high quality Giza cotton and Linen fabrics you can conveniently design your shirts online or walk in to Perfect Attire's boutique store in Singapore to discuss your sartorial needs. They are confident that they will quickly become your partners in fashion.

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Mohamed Hassan 2 years ago

My friends and I ordered a party wear shirts from Perfect Attire. It was a perfect fit. Customised according to individual preferences on the collar,cuffs and button and rendered few design to give a more ideas on the color and contrast on the selection. Prompt delivery and customer service was excellent. Thumbs up!!! [Google Review]

Muhammad Farhan Rahmat 2 years ago

Currently finalising the details for my 5th order with them. That itself should justify the 5 stars. Excellent service and product. Their website is easy to use and if you're unsure on the fabric, you can go down to their physical store to see the sample of the fabric.

I had a shirt which didn't fit as well as the others on the same order. They promptly rectify the problem and made a new one. That's why I have no worries when I make my shirts with them. [Google Review]

Tom Ito 2 years ago

During early days of Perfect Attire, I ordered few pieces of white button downs for trial. Tulsi measured me meticulously and what came out after a few week's wait were perfect pieces that fitted me down to the last detail. I would definitely go back to his place whenever I am back in Singapore. [Google Review]

Roy van Amerongen 2 years ago

I have never experienced this level of convenience and personal service! They came to my place at 10pm on a Sunday and took the time for me, explaining the various fabrics and their features. I always have problems with the sleeve length when buying shirts off the rack. Now I have shirts that fit perfectly and I can order more without any hassle.
A big recommendation is in place for Perfect Attire! [Google Review]

G Shrinivas 2 years ago


You guys are fantastic.

People, the difference between a custom fit to a standardized size M shirt is just too apparent now. It's not a matter of just appearance anymore, but the comfort I deserve when I wear a shirt for 10 long hours and the confidence I exude be it in a meeting or by the pub.
The little nuances like cuff length, customized initials, stitches on the button, general mix and match of various fabrics, collar style (phew) holds so much more value than I initially realized.

Why Perfect Attire?

The customer support is prompt and they REALLY know what they're doing
Discounts on Bulk order. I always order in fours.
I ask for a snapshot of how my shirt would look even before I place an order (WHAT??? Some virtual reality rendering stuff).
Great collection of fabrics.
I can order now from their website and spend not more than 2 minutes after I decide on the material.

Keep it up guys and I will see you soon. [Google Review]