Poppy Flora Studio

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We craft Floral Art that redefines expectations, inspires actions, builds relationships & forges memories. 

We are Artistic, Purposeful, & Inspirational.


We are the visionary;

Responsible for conceiving up the best possible concepts and inspirations, we provide the directive and integration and channel every idea into a charming & aesthetically appealing platform.


Being curious and open-minded, we have a deep interest in everything new,  especially of people.   Our work involves sourcing and creating the perfect masterpiece, perceiving them in different angles that are interesting and on brief, putting them together and elevating their very essence. A beautiful and imaginative design, that will enchant all.


Flowers are an important element and plays a major part in our profession as well as personal lives.  We are drawn to flowers that are usually tucked to the corner and we believe in consistently pushing the limits of what can be used in an arrangement of flowers.


In addition to advocate the art of floral arrangement, we love to share our knowledge and experiences in flowers through hands-on workshops that focus in giving in-depth tutelage while encouraging students to investigate and develop their own signature styles. 

Poppy conducts floral workshops by the seasons collections, styles and techniques.  We love to encourage our students to emulate an arrangement to Mother Nature's garden.  This will bring out the loose and rumbling effect of how each bloom should be dancing in their own space.

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