Select Fashions Boutique and Tailoring

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Clarke Quay Central Mall
Above $100
$50 - $100
$700 - $1000
$350 - $700
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Monday to Saturday, 11 am to 8 pm; Sunday, 11 am to 7 pm
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Select Tailors is a premier tailor in Singapore, one of the oldest members of the Singapore Master Tailors Association. Their aim is to consolidate many years of experience and understand fabric weight, drape, shape and cut. They are often entrusted with top-of-the-range fabrics that cost thousands of dollars per meter, such as Fintex of London, Cerruti, Scabal etc.  The tailors are confident and proud of their standards of craftsmanship. Select Tailors in-house tailors have been on the job for the past 35 years, suit-makers and pants-maker by craft, dressmaker by trade.

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Jony Liver 2 years ago

Originally purchased only a pair of pants for try-out as it was costly to me compared to bangkok, $250 for one pair of pants, but it is worth it, I think the wool material is fine, light and breathable. I love that the pants were cut in a way that was comfortable for me when wearing for long hours, but still looks sharp for business. It is now my favourite pair of pants . Leong, who served me was experienced and accurate in his measurement judgement. He could troubleshoot what was wrong with my garment made previously. [Google Review]

Allen Nelson 2 years ago

I have purchased a ready-made suit on impulse from Hugo Boss on Singapore sale, I thought it could be altered to my size, but unfortunately it did not look good on me, too large around the waistline, but could not find any tailor who were willing to alter it for me and all said it was complicated job, finally via friends recommendation I found Mr Leong and he addressed the issue within one week, and finally my $1000 purchase is not wasted. 2 thumbs up. [Google Review]