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SuitYourself Singapore is a local custom suits label that seeks to bring about quality tailored suits at the most affordable prices. It was conceptualized to help students overcome the challenges of professional dressing - prohibitively high prices of suits in Singapore and often ill-fitting off-the-rack.

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Ron Tan Tock Chuan 2 years ago

One of the better place to buy tailored suits! The material of the suits not only looks good but also feel really comfortable! Moreover, tbe people there are helpful and often give good recommendations. I have no experience with any tailored suits but i felt well taken care of as they guide me step by step through the process.
However, it's best to go early because there are always many customers at SuitYourself and they might get a little understaffed at times. 
Overall, I had a good experience at SuitYourself and really recommend the suits there!

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Christopher Zheng 2 years ago

Update: good for the price point, I like the fabric and the lining inside the pants/jacket. However, fit wasn't perfect with a minor shoulder divot. Of course, I'm comparing it to a $1k suit I made in the past which was a perfect fit; may not be a fair comparison.

Good selection of fabric, affordable prices for suits and shirts. Wallace was helpful in accommodating my requests in relation to leaving space for my watch on the left hand and space for wallets/phones in the pants pockets. Got my order on schedule within 3 weeks. [ Facebook Review]

Clarence Yeo 2 years ago

The most important thing when i look for in just about anything, is probably good customer service and in the area of suits that im not very knowledgeable in, there were many parts of the entire tailoring process that i wasnt very sure of, but just mindlessly made requests and queries to fix ( and often at ungodly hours ), but i was well tended to by wallace and his colleagues which were all friendly and approachable.

They might seem young but they were well-informed in the troubleshooting of a suit, their finesse in addressing my anxieties in the much dreaded "shoulder divots" was done surprisingly expertly because its a rather common problem with tailored suits ( at least the one i had made elsewhere) but the solutions and explainations that others have given me always seem very different from what expert tailors say, but the were spot on with not only their definition, but also forewarning me of the consequences were to fix it ( it was a rather small divot) and it is this singular instance ( and good service of course), that despite in a market where veterans are preferred, that suityourself is one of my reccomendations for people hoping to have a pleasant and seamless tailoring experience. [Facebook Review]