Alvina Koh

Alvina is a Netflix junkie and loves sitcom. When she's not being a couch potato, chances are that she's falling asleep. She's also a big fan of EDM and rap, so I guess you can say she's pretty cool :)

How To Get That Daily Glow With Minimal Effort

April 23 2019 | By Alvina Koh

I'm a better person when I'm moisturized.

Jemma Wei Talks #HustleCulture And What It Means To Be A Contemporary Millennial

April 29 2019 | By Alvina Koh

Their pace is not your pace.

US Cult-Favourite Milani Cosmetics Is Finally In Singapore (And Asia!)

May 7 2019 | By Alvina Koh

The Robin Hood of beauty.

Ryan Ho On The Fun Empire: Making 'Fun' Into A Business

May 7 2019 | By Alvina Koh

If it ain't fun, it ain't business.

A Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Guide

May 10 2019 | By Alvina Koh

For the people we love the most.

Catching Up With Darryl, From His New Play ‘Colours’ To First Memory Of Life

May 13 2019 | By Alvina Koh

I know you’re a human being and that’s all that matters.

Three Lessons We Learnt From Sylvia Chan, Co-Founder Of Night Owl Cinematics And Our Favourite On-Screen Ah Lian

May 15 2019 | By Alvina Koh

We are only human after all.

7 Sustainable Fashion Brands To Source For Knockout Pieces

May 22 2019 | By Alvina Koh

Good design is sustainable design.